Kronholm Lawyer’s Professional Liability

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Kronholm Insurance is proud to continue to offer the same products, with the same focus on customer service, now as part of the Brown & Brown Team. John Kronholm and his experienced team, combined with the Brown & Brown team, are able to analyze your unique situation and provide you with the coverage that fits your needs. We serve a diverse group of customers, including professionals, homeowners, business owners and more, with products that include auto & home, life, long-term care, and commercial insurance. In addition, we specialize in many different types of insurance coverage for the legal profession, including LPL, court bonds, committee of sale, and disability.

As a law practitioner, the threat of a malpractice claim must be taken seriously. We deal with law firms every day and have a keen understanding of your business needs. Please contact John Kronholm at (860) 665-8463 or at [email protected] if you have any questions, or to learn more about our offerings and services.

Lawyer’s Professional Liability

As a law practitioner, the threat of a malpractice claim must be taken seriously. Professional liability coverage is a necessity for any law firm and practicing attorney. Without liability insurance, you run the risk of a time-consuming and costly lawsuit that could seriously impact your practice. Let the Kronholm team help you establish appropriate coverage today.

Court Bonds

Also known as judicial bonds, court bonds are typically required in court proceedings, particularly probate matters, to offer protection from a possible loss. The Kronholm team can assist with processing these quickly and efficiently.

Committee of Sale

Committee of sale is a one-day liability policy for foreclosure sales. Call us today for more information about this coverage!

Cyber Liability

These policies help protect organizations from many different internet and infrastructure risks and activities. Coverages can include both first-party (extortion, public relations, theft, hacking, data destruction, and business interruption) and third-party (incident notification, credit monitoring, failure to safeguard data, investigative expenses, and defamation) expenses. Having experienced legal representation and forensic assistance once an incident occurs can be invaluable to an organization.

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